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when exporting my references to a BibTeX file, I store the Applicant to the "holder" field. The information is usually stored in braces, so that "Glaxo Group Limited" becomes

holder = {{Glaxo Group Limited}}
for example and is not abbreviated in the bibliography.

However, when I have "Glaxo Group, Ltd." in Citavi, it es exported to

holder = {{Glaxo Group}, Ltd.}
With the citation style, I use, this becomes "L. Glaxo Group", as "Ltd." it is interpreted as a first name.

Is there a way to have the field exported in braces, with braces surrounding the whole name? I want it to be exported as

holder = {{Glaxo Group, Ltd.}}
If I add them manually in citavi, it becomes

holder = {{{Glaxo Group}, Ltd.}}
in the .bib-file which leads to errors.

I do not want to manually change every patent in the .bib-file every time I export my references.



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Hey Sebastian,

thank you for your answer. Because I did not want to manually replace anything after exporting my references and I did not want to have to change them in Citavi, I came up with the following solution within the preamble of my document:


What this does:

It first creates a new NameFormat to be used by the \printnames macro. This NameFormat uses the name:last-first bibmacrowith family and given name unshortened in the "last, first" format.

Then the bibmacro byholder is renewed to use this NameFormat when printing the holder field.

I hope, this helps others in the future.

Kind regards,


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