Exporting only references with Quotation and Knoledge items

Patrick D. shared this question 3 years ago


I have a problem with exporting some references.

Here is what I have:

1. A project called "Data Base" where I keep all My references collected. Inside this project only some of my references have Quotation and Knoledge since I have studied them.

2. A blank project called "PhD Thesis"

Problem: I want to bulk export in the blank project only References that have Knoledge items. This mean that I want to have in my blank project all references, keywords, qutoations and knowledges that I worked on them in order to make categories and start writing.

Can you help me or give me an alternative solution?

Thanks in advanced.

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Hi Patrick,

Thank you very much for your message.

Please search for all your knowledge items in your project, using the field "ki" and the value "*", see screenshot.

Apply the results as selection and export the selected references: File > Export > Export > The x references in the current selection > To another Citavi project.

Please select "Quotations" to be included in your export.

Kind regards




You saved my day!

A million thanks!

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