Exporting Knowledge items in word 2016 crashes citavi and export not completed

Sathiyaraj S. shared this question 4 years ago


I am exporting the knowledge items using Word 2016. Using the option insert all categories. Exporting starts processing and few minutes later it crashes and displays the window. I have sent that error report, three four times in last three days.

Word 2016, Windows 10

Thank you

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Hello Sathiyaray,

We kindly ask for your help in locating the cause of the error:

  1. Open your Citavi project.
  2. On the "Tools" menu, click "Options".
  3. On the "General" tab, select the "Send activity log for error diagnosis" checkbox.
  4. Citavi displays a message that logging is enabled. Click OK.
  5. A browser window opens, which you can ignore for now.
  6. Repeat the steps that led to the error.
  7. Close Citavi to stop activity logging.
  8. Switch back to the online form from step 5. Describe the steps that lead to the error.
  9. Click Submit.

Thank you!

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Thank you for your response. I have followed the steps as you have posted and submitted it.

These are the steps I have undergone.

1. Opened Citavi, 2. Opened Word, then Opened project selected insert all categories and items. 3. Word started to fill the knowledge items for few minutes and citavi closed popping error dialog showing "A program error has occurred". 4.Word has updated knowledge items for two pages now.

FYI, I have already submitted three four times log report as soon as error occurred during last week.

Thank you.


I have submitted citavi log and Event log as requested through email.

Thank you.


(For our followers: The update to the current beta version has solved the problem.)

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