Citavi: Would you mind looking in again on the Scrivener thread under Ideas?

Elin D. shared this question 16 months ago

Those of us posting there would be very interested in the answer to the question I posed to Damian:

Many thanks!


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Dear Elin,

Thank you for your hint.

Within the last weeks, we have not noticed your comments of the declined idea topic.

Please excuse that we have not paid attention to your thoughts.

We understand that Scrivener is an important part of your workflow and that it has worked with Citavi 5.

Our decision to remove placeholders will not be reversed.

The current idea could be to offer an additional add-in for Scrivener.

However, we are still waiting for more reactions on the topic from other users.

Kind regards,



Thanks for replying - Since I had not heard anything for two weeks, I just wanted to make sure all our replies were taken into consideration.

I think offering an additional add-in for Scrivener is an excellent idea! If it could work as smooth as it does with Word, it would be a killer combination.


SCRIVER ADD-IN. . . please. :)