Citavi Word Add in not showing

Niklas L. shared this question 2 years ago

Good day,

I've been trying to get the Citavi Word add in running for quite some time...

I'm running Citavi version and Word Enterprise.

After opening the first Project after a long time, the Citavi add (pane) didn't show.

So I thought, well lets reinstall it. though that didn't work...

After that I deinstalled Office aswell as Citavi and resinstalled both (first office then C.)

...still didn't show.

The citavi add in is installed installed now and by changing the regestry value it finally doesn't deactivate every time i open word, However, it still doesn't show the pane...

-no other add ins installed

So, now I have no idea what I can try next...

You can see my regestry file attached, it seems to be empty (your screenshot had a lot more items)

I would appreciate some help

Thanks a lot

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Just installed Word and C. on my CAD mashine... works there so can't be a word version issue


After activating and deactivating the word add-in, I Word is loading Citavi upon Startup ... However stillt doesn't Show as pane



figured it out!

Citavi has two add ins apparently...

1. Citavi Word Add-In (Version)


The second one wasn't activated.. Under File->options->addins-> scroll down to deactivated... if ist there you can activate under "deactivated Elements"...

Maybe I just didn't find the solution in the help Center...

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