Citavi Pane doesn't work in Office 365

Gleb S. shared this question 4 years ago


I've been using Citavi since 2015 and first of all I would like to thank you for development of such a powerful tool.

However, yesterday I have encountered the first serious problem while using Citavi. Citavi pane doesn't work correctly in my Office 365 (64bit, Windows 10 Pro 64 bit).

It is still possible to open the assigned project and even to insert citations, but the references are invisible in the pane because it is gray with "Opening my_project_name" message (view attached files). Using keyboard it is possible to navigate through the list of references and to insert them (view attached files), but I cannot neither see what reference I'm using nor edit these inserted references.

I've checked carefully: there is any double entries in all the lists, I've reinstalled Word Add In, and even Office 365 and Citavi in general. Nevertheless, the it didn't solved the problem.

I would highly appreciate any suggestions and I hope there is a solution for this issue.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,

Gleb Schmidt

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