citavi exports inexistant backslash and ghost file location field type

Benjamin H. shared this question 3 years ago

So, I have two problems.

  1. For file type "report or gray literature", citavi exports the field "file location" even though it is not mapped. This gives me errors when compiling my LaTeX files.
  2. When mapping fields: I have edited the "Custom Field 2" to be "author+an" in citavi. I have mapped that field to "author+an" BibTeX field (I know it's confusing, but this way I have the same name in citavi and BibTeX). I close citavi and reopen it, now the citavi field "author+an" is mapped to "author\+an" BibTeX field. This is rubbish, as BibTeX fields don't allow backslashes.

For fun, I also made a video. I now understand why everybody is so happy when they get an editor to do that for them...

I am open to any questions.



Citavi 6.3.4

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Hi, Benjamin,

I can't reproduce either of these issues. Could you please send me your modified CitaviTX file (C:\Users\IHR.NAME\AppData\Local\Swiss Academic Software\Citavi 6\Settings\Mappings), so I can check what's going on here? Thank you.

Best regards



I could indeed. I have a link to that directory on my desktop. I'll have a look at it myself, since you suspect the error might come from the mappings file.


In the

<FieldMapping referenceType="ComputerProgram">
I found the line

<Field tag="" fieldType="FileLink" />

and removed it.

I found some stray

<Field tag="url" fieldType="Doi" />

and corrected them for good measure.

I changed every



Results: in the bib-file resulting from an export with the cleaned and improved CitaviTX, there are no file locations any more (good), but the backslash before the "+" still appears.

BTW, the vanilla citavi BibLaTeX.CitaviTX has a bunch of errors and illegal fields. Someone should take care of that. It would make a great many LaTeX users of the third millenium quite a satisfied bunch of dudes and dudettes, if it just worked out of the box. Shoot me a mail, if you need someone to take care of it.


Hi, Benjamin,

we're aware that the current biblatex export is not as good as it should be. It's on our to do list, but hasn't made it to the very top yet. Unfortunately it takes a little more than just changing the CitaviTX file to make Citavi and biblatex a really good combination. We're working on it. If you have a list of issues that you consider particularly important it's warmly welcomed here.

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