CITAVI always crashes when using search function within preview window

MARTIN F. shared this question 14 months ago

Hi all!

Since several weeks I encounter an increasingly frustrating problem (something that worked perfectly fine before updating to a new version).

When I open a reference document in the preview pane, and then use the search function within the document to screen the PDF, CITAVI very frequently crashes to the desktop, without throwing an error message. More precisely, this happens when skipping through the search results. Some search results work fine, and some others cause the crash. This happens to almost all reference files, so that searching within a document by keyword has become almost impossible for me (put differently, the problem is not caused by one or two broken or corrupt reference PDFs).

My hypothesis is that this happens when the words I am trying to display by skipping through the search results is located in a table and not plain text, but I have no proof for that.

Is this a known issue? I have the most current version of CITAVI and Windows 10 with all updates installed. As pointed out before, this worked perfectly fine (I cannot tell for sure whether the problem first occurred when I switched to Windows 10 or new CITAVI versions).



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Hello Martin,

Do you have the chance to install the current beta version? In this version the reported problem is solved. You can get the setup at

Kind regards,



Thank you! I believe it works (after some tests). If the error pops up again I will let you know.

Thanks a lot!


Thanks Martin!