Citavi 6 save as reference Picker does not finish loading, - some pages

John D. shared this question 5 years ago

Some sites will not fully load with Citavi Picker. Example; and other ariticles, especially in this domain. The site does shows it’s loaded when I scroll down in in the Citavi preview window, but the loading animation says waiting for,

and it keeps running, so I don’t have the option to convert it to PDF. I’ve tried this in, Chrome and Firefox, there is no picker for Edge. I’ve tried it with pop-offs, on and off. I like the Picker because it saves several steps and it keeps the links alive. There is probably something wrong with some of article pages – it’s an ancient history encyclopedia research site and I use it often.

Is there a work-around so won’t need to find a third party pdf extractor, if not can you recommend one?


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Dear John,

Thanks for letting us know about this error!

We have created a bug ticket for our developers as we could reproduce this issue.

You can find some tips on how to save a webpage as a PDF here.

Thanks very much in advance for your understanding and patience!

Best regards


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