Citavi 6 - Crash to desktop

Marcius V. shared this question 2 years ago


I added a website reference to Citavi and then saved to pdf. Now I want to delete the online web reference. However, when I click on the address, it starts to load, goes through a few motions, and then Citavi closes itself. Whether it closes or crashes is unclear as I do not get a support notice to let you guys know.

Is there another way to delete this reference?

As an aside, when I buy the licence, do I just log in as normal? Or is there a specific procedure?

I just want to make sure this project is safe.

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards

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Hi Sebastian/support

I have gone through the logs but have no error message - just two unrelated warnings, etc.

Just to clarify, the link I was clicking on was for the website of the source which is an online

newspaper. The crash happened a few seconds into the loading of the website.

Now when I tried to crash it again, the website loaded fine and I was able to delete the link.

And the pdf is also loading fine. I do not know why there is no error message but my suspicion

is that one of the embedded scripts on the website may have been the problem. Thus perhaps

browser related and perhaps not the pdf viewer. Just a guess...

I will be importing more live websites and if this occurs again I will send the error log, if one is to

be found.

Thank you for responding to both questions - much appreciated.

Kind regards