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Niklas W. shared this question 4 years ago

Hey everybody,

citavi just deleted half a day of work and i'm looking for help:

I was reading and creating citations yesterday in a train without internet. Today I opened citavi again, the quotes seemed to be completed, although citavi didn't stop to tell me anything about errors (unfortunately citavi always tells me about internal errors, so i stopped wondering about them). When closing the project i accepted that in this case files might not be restoreable later (because i didn't miss anything). after opening the project again, quotes which where there (in the cloud! i was online!) 10 minutes ago were deleted.

sorry guys, but this is not how a cloud should work at all! i will stop working with cloud for sure, but is there any possibility to get back my quotes citavi just deleted from the server?

I wished i hadn't chosen citavi :(

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Ah, and nice to see: If i want to save the project locally to avoid trouble with this """cloud""" citavi doesn't allow that: "There is already a project with the same title". Doesn't matter which title i type in: Citavi says no.


Hi, Niklas

Can you please send us a log, so that we can check what's going on here? That's definitely not how it should work.

  1. On the "Tools" menu, click "Options".
  2. On the "General" tab, select the "Send activity log for error diagnosis" checkbox.
  3. Citavi displays a message that logging is enabled. Click OK.
  4. A browser window opens, which you can ignore for now.
  5. Repeat the steps that led to the error, i.e. try to create a local copy of the project.
  6. If it might be helpful, create screenshots that illustrate the problem. In Windows 10 you can press WIN+PrtScn and the screenshots will be saved in the folder This PC > Pictures > Screenshots.
  7. Switch back to the online form from step 5 and enter this URL as message, so that we can match the log to your request:
  8. Click Submit.

Thank you!

Best regards



Hello Niklas

Could you please let me know the version of Citavi you’re using? The four-digit version number of the Citavi version you have installed can be found in the "Help" > "About Citavi" menu.



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