citation style: change short reference to full reference

Rebecca S. shared this question 15 months ago


at my university we have a special kind of citation rules and I've found the only citation style, which is almonst similiar. Ebster 5.

We need full references in footnotes for our first citation and then a short reference as Ebster uses. I know how to change a citation style from full reference to short reference via"short reference" in the menu. Is there a way how I can use the full reference like Ebster uses at the literature in the end in my text?

Thank you!

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Dear Rebecca,

If you would like to use Ebster, Stalzer, 5th. ed. (Notes) as the basis for your own citation style, you will have to customize it in Citavi's citation style editor.

To define a rule for footnotes being output differently if the title was previously cited, select the template condition Reference was cited in a previous footnote or Reference was cited in a previous footnote (but not in the preceding footnote) (screenshot). Apply the template to the footnote rule sets in the relevant document types and then move and add components to your liking (screenshot).

Kind regards