Citation in foreign language. How do I manage?

Jacek S. shared this question 2 years ago

Is there a preferred way of adding a translation of the citation to the citation in Citavi?

Example: I have a source (a publication) in french. In the main part of my work I cite a translated version of the source's citation. In the reference, at the bottom of the page, I need to have a bibliographic information and the original text of the citation. How do I manage both variations of the same citation in two different languages?

Can I add an additional field to the citation somehow?

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I assume when you say "citation" you mean the quotation. I would create two knowledge elements. One being the direct quotation, the second one being of the kind "indirect quotation" and simply add a note "[translated by author]" at the end.

FWIW, I am a little surprised that the example you provided does not indicate the provenance of the translation, I would commonly expect a "[translated by author]" indicator when the author of a publication is writing and providing a translation of a cited reference for ease of understanding, but I understand academic usages differ between disciplines.

Feel free to ignore the rest of my answer, this is more directed at the Citavi team: In a perfect world, one would create an entity link between the two knowledge elements and write "translation" in the notes of that entity link.