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Violeta G. shared this question 4 years ago

I don't know what the cause of this issue is but I am having trouble downloading files from Citavi, posting on the forum, and saving to the cloud. It does not happen all the time but it happens often enough to where it's really annoying and I worry every time I come to the site that I won't be able to access something or that I'll spend a lot of trying before it works or I give up.

When I download, the process keeps stopping with a message stating that the connection to the server was lost - I have to keep manually restart the download by clicking on retry.

When I try to post on the forum, I get a message that This Site Can't Be Reached:


And when I try to save a database to the cloud I get a message about not having a connection to Citavi cloud.


For this reason, I also have a few suggestion, which maybe other users feel is useful. Not everyone might have the same connection problems I do but might like the ideas:

Instead of backing up to the computer and allowing a save to the cloud, with the ability to connect to either for a project, would it be possible to have an option in which the work can be done from a database on the hard drive but there is a backup made to the cloud? Or one made on the cloud as well as on the computer? This will help me with the connection problems not have to rely so often on the cloud being accessible every time I want to work on my project, but if my hard drive fails I can at least retrieve it when the cloud is accessible. Also, this will help everyone too in case of hard drive failure - I don't really think having a local backup is going to be of any use if the hard drive is fried. People will just be sad that both the database and the backup are gone.

Also, if a backup to cloud is not possible, or as an added option, can we have a feature under File that allows us to manually just save/backup to the cloud but continue to work with the local database without going through the whole process of copying to cloud, shutting that down, and going back to the local one? This messes my process up when I have a Word document open that links into the local database because it all of the sudden becomes the cloud one and, at least the one time I did this, I had to re-start Word as well. The Citavi pane went back to "Open a project" and showing the local project as the one the document is linked to, but clicking the name of the database did not bring up the actual list of reference even though the local project was open again and I had to shut down Word and re-start it for the connection to take again.

And finally, when copying to the cloud, can we not have to name the database every time, only if we want to save it as a new cloud database, otherwise, can it be the same name as on the local drive and just update or overrite the one already on the cloud? This would eliminate making a typo and ending up with another database on the cloud. Also, and I'm not certain because I didn't have connection to the cloud last few times I tried to copy a database to it but, I think even if it has the same name as one already on the cloud it creates another one.

And a question: is there a away to connect to the cloud through another means, website or FTP or in the Citavi software, that bypasses the Copy to Cloud option? Like a way to see, sort, change name, etc. If not, this feature might be useful also.


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I do have the same problems!


3 years later I do have the same problems too! you would think that 3 years is long enough to solve this problem but apparantly its not...


I have had several different issues with Citavi for over a year now. It mostly doesn't work with cloud projects, Picker doesn't work properly, a reference does not upload to a project for over 30 minutes, if at all. We paid for Citavi a few hundred EUROS, but is a poor product, in my opinion, and thus, sadly, seems rip-off. I will make sure my colleague researchers have the info they need before deciding to purchase Citavi.

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