Autotag citations used in a word document

Blazej M. shared this question 23 months ago

Hello Citavi Team,

I have one big citavi database handling all the citations I ever needed. Is there any possibility to mark (categories / groups / tags) automatically - or least avoiding one-by-one point clicking - all the references in a single document?

E.G. I'm writing an article in MSWord and using citavi plugin to add citations and handle the reference part. My library contains 500+ citations by I only need 50+ for current paper. Since I share the doc with my co-author (and he is not a citavi user) I often end up rebuilding whole reference section as inline citations get lost when my co-author makes any changes on his mac computer.

If I could tag all the references used in a particular document (by specifing an unique title for example) I could also easly filter my library to work with what was cited in a given document.

I never switched to different projects for different papers workflow, as most of my citations have pdf's attached and I dont want to duplicate so many files.

Any workable hints on how to handle this issue would make my life a lot easier. Thank you

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Hi, Blazej

You can do that in two steps. Firstly, open your Citavi project and the document you'd like to get the references for. Now, click on the filter symbol above the list of references and select By quoted references in current document. You now have a selection containing only the references used in the document. Select all (Ctrl-A) and right-click. In the context menu you can then assign keywords, categories or groups.

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That was super easy!

Thank you very much