Automatically detect in-text citation in word

Patrick D. shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

Hi there,

Is it possible to detect an in-text citation if it is inserted by hand?

for example: I write a paragraph and I know where the idea is located: (Author 2019, p. 34). I want Citavi to convert that in-text citation in a field and to insert the bibliography.

I wrote a 20 p document with papers on the table and I inserted in text citation like described above. Then I spent then 2.5h to reinsert them in Citavi to have bibliography. I mention that all my references are already in Citavi but sometimes I prefer to write in .txt then paste the content in Word 2019 and link the document. Somehow I hoped that Citavi would recognize the in-text citation.

I went to Citavi plugin in Word > Option >Link in text citations to references... but nothing happened


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Hi, Patrick

Thank you for your suggestion. Automatically converting citations not inserted by Citavi into Citavi fields is currently not possible. We'll explore the idea but I can't say if or when we can turn this into a concrete feature.

Best regards


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