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João M. shared this question 2 years ago

Hi, João Mendes here,

I'm moving some articles from word to Latex and I've tested Citavi's integration with [non supported] Latex editors.

In order to carry out a fluid workflow with Citavi without too much work around i export my references to a .bib file. Then in my editor i use a autocomplete package to insert citation into my document from that .bib file.

Unfortunately Citavi seems to do the opposite and updates the .bib file based on the entries from a .tex file. That means that every new reference that i add to Citavi I need to manually export to the .bib file again to update it. Most of open source reference managers has this very useful feature and the way I saw in the Citavi does not has it.

The Latex assistant do not has the support for my Latex editor (Atom or VS Code). I can use the copy function from the Latex assistant but it's not a proper integration: I need to cite a reference first in order to update my .bib file or do it manually for new entries. Also the Latex assistent for non supported Latex editors its limited to one command per citation (copy->\cite). If i need to insert other type of citation (e.g. \parencite) i need to manually change it. This happens because Citavi is attached to supported Latex editors. I suggest a generic "mode editor" that allows from the Latex assintant shell (e.g. right click) to other types of "copy" options (e.g. copy as \parencite).

But Citavi shouldn't work this way, at least of non supported editors, in my opinion. It should have an option or two: one to update/ sync the .bib file (while adding new entries to Citavi) or/ and update it when i cite it into my Latex document using Latex assintant (i do not see the purposes of this last one only when adding a bibliography). But it would be important to have both: while citing the .bib file (with synced option) would allow to imput citations in non support Latex editors and then the option to export only the references cited to a new.bib file would allow to creat a clean bibliography only with the ones used/cited.

I hope i was clear enough.

You have a good day,


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Hello João Mende

I understand the problem. In fact, Citavi here isn't behaving in a way that would be practical for you yet. Unfortunately, I cannot promise a short-term improvement or at least an acceptable workaround. I'm sorry about that.

Kind regards,



I see it's 10 months ago, wondering if there are any thoughts on or time perspective of getting this feature? It would be really helpful for a more effective workflow between using Citavi and using e.g. RMarkdown.


Hi, Nils,

I'm sorry, but we don't have any news here.

Best regards



Still no news here?

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