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Christian L. shared this question 2 years ago

Is it possible to access the Database (readonly) with a database program or export it as a table ?

Background is if I tag a lot of key words in quotations in a text, could I then make a frequency table

(e.g. Money is tagged 10 times in Deuteronomy, 20 times in Leviticus, Forgiveness 5 times in Deuteronomy and 5 times in Leviticus) from my Citavi if I had the Bible as PDF and used a number of key words

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Hi Christian

If you're using a local project, the project file ([project_name].ctv6) is a SQLite database that you can access with any available SQLite tool.

I'm not sure about what you would like to count though. Occurrence of (a fixed list of) words in the PDF or the occurrence in the quotations stored in Citavi itself? If the latter is the case, it's relatively easy to build this feature as a Citavi macro.

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Wow, man lernt jeden Tag dazu :)

Cool, for posterity, I used the DB Browser SQLite and indeed found the tables. I assume somehow I will then be able to at some point also extract the tables to CSV with a workflow tool and then link PowerBI into it. All Cool. Thanks


For Posterity, I build a PowerBI connection and with that build the analytics I need, such as Frequency table etc. Rather than integrating directly with Excel into the SQLite file, it is also easy to do it with PowerBI and then extract the PowerQuery connected Tables/Views into a CSV file, which then can be very robustly imported into an Excel.

Also I always copy the Citavi file to a separate safety copy in the Analysis folder and then operate only on the safety copy with the queries.

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