Add linked text to a knowledge item?

Serena D. shared this question 7 months ago
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Let's say I have created a knowledge item (a direct quotation in this case); I have made some edits to the content:


Let's say now I realize my direct quotation should have been longer, that is, I should have highlighted more text when I created the item. Is there a way I can add content to the knowledge item, so that it is linked to the PDF in the same way the current content is? (meaning that, in the PDF, it would be highlighted in blue as well).

As an alternative, is there a way to erase the content of a knowledge item and link the item again to the text in the PDF? In this way I would lose the edits I have done, but I could still add to the content I had originally saved..

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Dear Serena,

Thank you for you message and happy new year!

You can only combine multiple highlighted text passages as long as you have not chosen a knowledge item type yet (please see p. 15 in this ebook).

Please right-click the highlight in the PDF and choose "Delete". Then, select "Only the selected highlight":


Now, please highlight the new text passage and click the icon "Link the highlighted section in the PDF":


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Thank you Jana and Happy New Year to you as well! I followed the instructions and I was able to link the knowledge item to a different section of the text.

I would just like to point out that the icon "Link the highlighted section in the PDF" is not visible when the Preview pane is open in full screen, but it works fine when the Preview pane is nested inside the Citavi Window.