Add a rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) reading mode

Alberto B. shared this idea 10 months ago

It would be very useful to have a rapid serial visual representation reading mode (Spritz-like) for pdf or any kind of working text. Its a good way to read text fast and find what is useful for what you are writting.


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Hi, Alberto

Thank you for your suggestion. We will probably not introduce such a feature into Citavi for several reasons. For once, it has up until now never been requested. It would also be difficult to realize technically for PDF documents with complex formatting and the benefits are doubtful: "In laboratory studies, college students could read with RSVP at up to 700 words per minute with good comprehension, about triple their normal speeds. Alas, the experiments also found that subjects could only sustain reading at high speeds with good comprehension for short bursts. With longer texts, the RSVP reading experience is monotonous and exhausting." (see

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