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Vladimir M. shared this question 7 months ago
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Instead of an intext reference at the end of the sentence i.e. (Author, date), I would like to make an in text reference that is part of a sentence i.e. according to Author (date) the systems analysis is useless.

So far I do it manually, that is I delete the author from the brackets and type it outside the brackets leaving just the date in the brackets, BUT citavi updates or refreshes or something by itself and I end up having both i.e. Author (Author, date)

What to do ? Or what does this referencing "style" that I want is called so I can look it up at least.

Thank you in advance

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Dear Vladimir,

Thank you for your message.

Please note that when you insert a citation from your Citavi project into your document using the Citavi Word Add-In, it will be inserted in a Word content control. These fields become grey when you click them. After inserting such a field you cannot edit it manually, for example by adding page numbers. This also applies to the bibliography, which Citavi also inserts as a field. Each time the document is refreshed, any manual changes will be overwritten.

This means that any changes you want in these fields must be made directly in Citavi so that the Word Add-In can pick them up. You may also add certain information to your references via the Word Add-In. In your specific case, please follow the steps in this video.

Kind regards,