Citavi Web on Mac and ipad

Aybüke G. shared this question 3 months ago
Need Answer

On iPad, I could not figure any way out to actually annotate the pdf. I tried safari and Chrome, the highlighter is there but I cannot select the text. Is anyone able to do that?

I love Citavi and was very excited to learn that there is at last a Citavi Web version that Mac users can use now. I am currently trying to figure out how to manage it on all of my devices. Because it does not have any Safari extensions, I switched to Chrome to be able to use picker. There is finally a Word extension for Mac too which is perfect. But I still feel like the web version is not user-friendly at all. There is no way to quickly copy the citation for one reference, it does not really do a good job of filling in the empty fields of the references. What is the point really if we will not be able to use it on different platforms, why not just have a Mac and Ipad application so that it is at least steady? I really like the Citavi but instead of improving, I feel like things are going backward. The community forum below looks like a platform for people to advertise random things instead of getting help about the problems of software. I do not feel comfortable suggesting Citavi to friends anymore as it seems less professional and trustworthy every day.

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