Full text search with exact match results in "An operation in the Citavi cloud failed"

Sophia shared this problem 4 months ago

[repost, as no one replied to my previous post tagged as a question for over 3 months about this issue & new info added]


I have a problem where when I try to use the exact match with a full text search I get the 'An operation in the Citavi cloud failed' error message. It does not work if I put the term in quotation marks, or leave it without. Non-full text searches, which search only the title or abstracts of the references work without any issues though.

I have tried conducting a full text exact match search in multiple different cloud projects & I still get the same error message. This feature used to work well, but now in the version Windows 6.12.0 it seems to have some issues, and now I have upgraded to 6.14.0 on a PC running windows 10 the issue still persists.

Please advise.


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