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Dorothee shared this question 2 months ago
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For the past couple of months it happens every other week that when I try to open the Word desktop app (365) it gets stuck trying to load the Citavi add-in and won't open. After re-trying multiple times, it eventually shows an error message saying that it ran into a problem with the citavi add-in and it was therefore disabled in order to open Word. After I open Word then and enable the add-in again, it works for a while, but after a couple of days using it normally, I will run into the same issue again. I have no idea what the problem is, this is completely new, I never used to have this issue before. Does anyone have the same problem?



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The same problem here with Office Pro Plus 2021. No solution, only removing Citavi and installing it again but only temporarly solutoin. Fix it plz. I can't work because of this problem.


We're struggling with this too--But today I discovered that if I open the Word application using "Run as Administrator," the Citavi Word Add-In will appear in the Word top menu AND if I then open a Word file from WITHIN the Word application at that point, the Citavi Add-In menu option will continue to appear when working with that document file. Yet, all of this is lost when starting a new Word application session without first specifying "Run as Administrator"

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