Citation key with three letters of author and two year digits

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I need the following citation key style for English:

[“Three first letters of the first author”-“two last digits of the year””if multiple sources with the same citation key are existent, then a/b/c… for differentiation”, p.“if given, page number or page range”]

Example: [Har-18c, p. 108]

If I need to describe its important elements per text for clarification:

  • It should begin and end with cornered brackets […]
  • It should always use the first three letters of the first author.
  • There should be a “-“ between the author and the year
  • Year should be given with two digits
  • If multiple sources with the same citation key are existent, then these should be differentiated with a letter numbering in the end
  • If a page number or a page range is given in the citation, then this should be displayed with the citation key according to the standard (not important which way, if multiple standards are existent) for the English language.

The citation key can be based on default citavi citation style, no additional adjustments for bibliography are needed.

I had a similar citation key for German, but I couldn't find one for English yet.

Can you help me?

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Kutay Yüksel

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