Citavi 6.14 selecting text in pdfs duplicates lines

Marcin shared this question 9 months ago
Need Answer

I have two Citavi installations 6.14 and I have attached the pdf to one of the references and when selecting text for direct quotation the selection on version 6.14 goes rogue. The lines are skipped, columns are misaligned, some text is selected multiple times. This is also reflected then in the quotation window and makes it impossible to quickly cite longer text. It works fine on I have downgraded back to version (you can only do that using the German version of the website, cause the english links for legacy versions directed to newest Citavi version...). I have used the following link to access the older Citavi Version:

I am attaching the pdf in question. It is probably formatted wrongly, but the older Citavi Version was able to work with that.

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