Data loss in cloud project after restart

Tom T. shared this question 9 months ago
Need Answer

Hello everyone,

after not having shut down my laptop for a few days (leaving Citavi open) and just having done a windows update, which started automatically, including a restart, several of my added knowledge as well as references are suddenly completely gone in my cloud project. Now it looks like it did around two or three weeks ago.

I then did an update of Citavi (to version 6.14), which happened to be available, but afterwards the data is still missing.

I already tried looking into the bin (nothing there), checked the local changemap and backup files (nothing there). Unfortunately, I hadn’t saved a copy of this file, since it is a cloud project and I was regularly connected to the internet.

Now, I am truly devastated and don’t know what to do anymore. Is there any way for you to help me retrieve my recent changes? That would be amazing!

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