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Lisa H. shared this question 9 months ago
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Hi Citavi,

managing a list of authors is definitely not easy!

Case 1: Sometimes names are imported with full first name(s), or with initials (one or more), and I want to make sure I easily re-assign any new publication to the appropriate author and nor create a new entry when it is not needed.

Case 2: Some foreign names, e.g. Chinese, are hard to distinguish, because some rather common names could in fact point to different authors.

For both cases I thought of the option to add an author ID other than the name, e.g. ORCID#

1) and then group full first name and initials, so if either appears, e.g. search results from all are displayed (rather too many than too few)

2) connect # and (foreign) name to make sure the right person is found/cited.

Registrations such as ORCID are obviously voluntary and never perfect. It could also be another ID-service.

Irrespective of the #ID added or not, the grouping of several alternatives for the same author name without deleting the alternatives is what I am aiming for.

Can you please help me out? I have Citavi 6.8.0 installed.

Thanks! Lisa

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