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Hi everyone!

I am using Citavi Web for the first time and I am encountering difficulties in the page numbering. As I read a text and directly mark a quote, it automatically includes the page number, which is a nice feature if the numbering would work. As many papers start their actual page numbering after the title page, dedication etc. So the page number of the paper does not align with the number of pages/sheets.

when I try to change the page number manually, it changes it back to the 'wrong' page number.

Can anyone help? :)

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Citavi gets the details on the page numbers from the PDF that you've imported. I've had the same issue when I import a PDF that is using the wrong page numbers.

To fix this, I have to open the PDF in Acrobat and renumber the pages. For Acrobat users, the link to Adobe's instructions on how to do this are here (you will need to scroll down to the renumbering pages section, because this is quite a long page). For anyone using other software, I'm sure that the same kind of functionality exists, but you'll need to search the support documentation yourself.

After you've done that, you might need to upload the document to your web project again.

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