Citavi citation style edit - change parenthesis to brackets in own style created on the basis of cit

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I have a problem: How to change/edit citation style -

(1) I need to change parenthesis to brackets (in-text citations, i.e. from (Heller, 1994) to [Heller, 1994] - (harvard-a-like-style) and

(2) in the bibliography I need only surname plus abbrev. from the first name only, then year without brackets and colon after the year, before title, such a harvard-alike-style, precisely , i.e. Heller M., 1982:Encountering the Universe, Pachart Publishing House, Tucson

What elements shall I change in citavi editor style in Citavi Default or shall I do it on the basis of some other style?



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I suggest you post your question with google translation to the German forum as it is currently more active. Simple choose de in the top right corner of the current page and post your question.

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