Fail to open 1 local project after it suddenly freez y itself.

an p. shared this question 13 months ago
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Hi there

I'm working on a local project, when suddenly my Citavi freezes, that I need to force-close it using task manager. After that the project can't be opened, stuck at 80%. Other projects can be opened, normal as usual.

I found this solution, but the link is empty.

Any help is appreciated,



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Hello Ahmad,

Hope you are well.

You can first try to copy the project folder to some place else and change the .ctv file name and try to reopen the project.

If it is still not working, you can try from windows explorer to arrange attached files by modification date and delete some of the latest added files (or move them to another temporary folder) as sometimes specific references cause the projects to have problems in opening, saving, exporting, etc...

Best wishes,



Dear AI

The second method works!

Thank you very much for saving my day

All the best


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