Export/copy references based on the categories the knowledge items belong to

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Hi, I have a Citavi project A, in which I have a lot of references. Most of these references have quotations, that are all organised using categories (so categories for knowledge items; not references). I would like to start a new Citavi Project B for which I would need only a part of the references from Project A, namely those that have knowledge items belonging to certain categories. Is it possible to export/copy only references with quotations belonging to a certain category? I know how to copy a selection of references belonging to a certain category, but as I categorised only at knowledge item level, I would like to make my selection at that level as well. (note that I am interested in multiple categories, so selecting the references by searching for each specific category of knowledge items would be a lot of work). Thanks for the feedback!!

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Please kindly find below a previous answer from the support team that might be of some help

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Al G. ● 10 months ago


-Is it possible to show all references and quotations belonging to a specific category in one window?

-Is it possible to have an option to automatically add the reference category by default to all quotations from this reference?


Anne v. ● 10 months ago


Unfortunately, it is not possible to show all references and quotations of a category in one window, as these are two separate sections in Citavi.

To assign all quotations of a reference to the category of the reference, there are two ways:

a) Manually:

Assume you are looking for all quotations where the corresponding references are assigned to the category "information literacy".

1. Press "CTRL+F".

2. In the Quick Search, enter the following (you can also use the Advanced Search, which gives you a category list):

rc: "information literacy"

3. Click on "Search". You see all titles, that are directly assigned to this category and all knowledge elements whose respective titles are assigned to the category.

4. Select all knowledge items and choose "More actions" > "Batch modify" > "Assign categories".

5. Now assign to the corresponding category.

b) With a macro:

There is a macro, that you can use to succeed.

To run a macro under Citavi, please see the instructions.

Please note, that you should make a backup copy of your project before executing the macro. The changes made by the macro are irreversible.

Furthermore, the changes made by the macro only affect existing category assignments, not those you are going to make in the future.

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