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Thomas shared this question 14 months ago
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Dear community,

I encounter a problem when I try to search for a book via literatury search function. Apparently some databases do not produce any hits. For example, the German State Library or WorldCat have produced 0 hits after a search with the word "Tito". How could I fix it? I would appreciate any advice!

Thank you kindly in advance

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I can partly reproduce your results: 0 hits in StaBiKat. But in WorldCat I find 999 entries.

I don't know which parameters of library catalogues are searched by Citavi but apparently, it's not all of them: If you visit http://stabikat.de/en/ and type "Tito" into the search field of the classical online catalogue, you're presented over 6,000 hits. Maybe Citavi's literature search funktion isn't as advanced as it claims to be.

On a side note: The Berlin Staatsbibliothek (StaBi) is not the German State Library - that would be the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek in Frankfurt and Leipzig. The StaBi would rather translate as Berlin Public Library. Not that it mattered for your problem.


Hi Thomas,

I can reproduce the issue with this catalogue. We'll check the details as soon as possible.

Best regards



Thank you! Looking forward to find out, if you are able to fix it or not.

Kind regards,


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