How to export Citavi projects with comments to Zotero 6?

Al G. shared this question 8 months ago

Hello everyone,

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Due to many recent problems in citavi, many of us started searching for alternatives or backup plans in case of the probability of similar issues recurring without proper support.

As a suggestion, Zotero can partially act as a partial alternative. With Zotero 6 introducing built-in pdf editor with annotations feature, it may be attractive to export citavi projects to Zotero at least as a backup plan.

The following steps can be used to export most of project components, including comments and quotations:

-Save your citave cloud project as as a local project

-Create a backup of the local project

-Unzip the backup (using 7zip or any similar program)

-Change the extension from .ctv5 or 6 to .xml : This step is necessary but it is not mentioned clearly on zotero website and in previous citavi forum discussions.

-Copy all pdf and other attachments of the project in the same folder of the uzipped backup

-From Zotero, import the xml file


Please find more details on the following links:

kb:import from citavi [Zotero Documentation]

Citavi is still much more advanced than zotero, but this is only a backup or plan B option.

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Hi, Al,

thank you for this step-by-step instruction. We are aware that the Citavi support was not as responsive as it used to be over the last months, but we're working hard on improving it. Please let us know, if we can assist with any ongoing problems with Citavi.

Best regards



Thanks dear Sebastian for your kind reply and hope Citavi will keep improving and overcomes past months issues. I believe all Citavi users really highly appreciate this program and its support team and are saddened by recent issues and lack of support.

Best wishes and regards,


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