Citavi shows wrong/non-existing issue number of a journal

Simon L. shared this question 5 months ago


I recently imported some journal articles into my Citavi project by using the provided DOI number. The issue is that, the journal I am citing apparently does not have issue numbers but only volumes. It is published quarterly and every publication gets a new volume number (e.g. June 2021 = volume 54, september 2021 = volume 55, etc.)

However, when importing the source vis the DOI, Citavi does show me issue numbers. I believe these must be wrong, because I want to cite 3 articles that were published in the same volume (same month, i.e. in same issue, it shows on the website of the journal). Citavi, however, shows me three different issue numbers for those articles, even though they were clearly published in the same one.

What can I do to avoid this error in the future??

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Hi Simon,

Citavi retrieves DOI metadata from Crossref as data provider. You can search right here:

Please let Crossref know, if the data provided is incorrect.

Best regards


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