Citavi Web doesn't show my projects

Sylvia M. shared this question 13 months ago

I have access to all my projects on the downloaded version of Citavi but on the Web version I can only see the Demo project even tough I'm apparently logged in.

I have the same email address in both versions. what could be the problem?

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Hi, Sylvia

For some reason you had several identical licenses in your Citavi account. You don't have any projects in this account, though. Do you perhaps have another account with a different mail address, that holds your projects?

Best regards



I am having the same problem. I cannot create a project in Citavi Web. There is no create project button. I also cannot view my Projects in the cloud.


I have the same problem. I use a campus license provided by TUM. I save most of my projects in the cloud (indicated by the cloud next to it...). Never the less, I cannot access these projects in the web app.

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