Citavi Full Text search and quotation marks to search for word combinations

Jakob K. shared this question 4 months ago
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I'm having two issues with Full Text search when I'm searching in Citavi 6.11.0:

1) When I use search and look for any search term, Citavi does not search in the attached PDFs. I always have to use ft: [Search Term] to use the full text search.

The documentation here ( ) states

>If you're searching all fields, Citavi will look for your search terms in all attached files.<.

This is not the case.

2) When I use ft: [Search Term], Citavi ignores quotation marks. This means that the search for ft:"Behavioral Economics" returns entries that contain "Behavorial" and "Economics" in completely different parts of the attached PDF. But I want only the cases where the text mentions "Behavioral Economics". How can I achieve this?

The documentation here (( ) states

>You can use quotation marks to search for word combinations (phrases): "photovoltaic solar cells" or "photo* solar cells"<

This does not work for me.

Thanks in advance, Jakob

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Hi, Jakob

Thanks for reporting this. Could you please let me know if you're using a local or a Citavi Cloud project?



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