Buying license as an organisation from abroad without VAT?

Julia B. shared this question 13 months ago
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Hi, after using the Citavi Web Beta and Trial versions, I'd very much like to buy a "proper" Citavi Web license. However, my employer (university) neither allows me to buy a license myself (privately) to use for work nor to order via them and pay VAT for a purchase made abroad (Switzerland). However, the Citavi webshop does not deduce the VAT for sales made to other countries. I am really at a loss. Has anyone encountered a similar problem and perhaps succeeded in purchasing Citavi VAT-free?

Many thanks for any help and pointers!

Cheers, Julia

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The last time someone from Citavi answered a question was 8 months ago, when the owners sold the company. I think all the support staff has been fired since. I wouldn't hold my breath.

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