Has QSR (the new owner of Citavi) abandonned this forum and Citavi users in general?

Francesco R. shared this question 10 months ago

Citavi is a great program. I'm on a mac, and maintaining a Window virtual machine, with all the cumbersome quircks in entails, because nothing comes close to Citavi in terms of functionality and efficiency. But it also used to be a program with amazing support, almost instant. Now it seems that the forum is completely deserted. What happened to support? Has everyone been fired? Why are we left in the dark? It's so sad.

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Hi, Francesco,

no, we haven't. While there have been significant changes, we're trying our best to provide support to our users. I must admit that the extraordinary support quality we used to provide is not yet within our reach.

Please rest assured that we will continue to develop Citavi and provide regular updates.

I'm very sorry that we have caused disappointment in the community.

Best regards



Dear Sebastian,

I'm sure things haven't been easy with the transition. I think what the community is craving for is information.

1. What are the obstacles to continue the level of support we enjoyed earlier?

2. What are the prospects of getting back to it in the near future?

Looking forward to hearing from you



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