GBT 7714-2015 style in Citavi not meet the standard of GBT 7714-2015

Zhenyu Z. shared this problem 10 months ago


I am writing a paper in GB/T 7714-2015, so I use GBT 7714-2015 in Citavi. But I find there is error in it. As I add a reference of book in Word, and I choose GBT 7714-2015. When I add it, I add page number of this book in reference. There are two problems:

  1. The added page number shows at in- text citation. In GB/T 7714-2015, there should not show any page number in in-text citation;
  2. There is no page showed in references at the end of Word document, which is odd with GB/T 7714-2015



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