I can't view my saved PDFs in citavi web. Can anyone please help?

zhiling h. shared this question 10 months ago
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Is anyone experiencing the same problem here?

I can't view my saved PDFs on citavi web since 3-4 weeks. I have taken all notes in those PDFs. I am currently writing my master thesis with Citavi Web since October 2021. Unfortunately this web version has been proved very unstable und unreliable. Is anyone having the same problem and may have a solution already?

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Hello zhiling.

Hope you are well.

I have not used citavi web for long but I recommend if it is possible to take a local backup of your project and try to open it by the windows desktop version. If it is possible to revert it back to citavi 5 this may be even better (as the recent versions have many limitations on the free trial and many problems in signing in even for the purchased desktop application!).

These links might be of some use:

Is it possible to export all our your Citavi project data? | Citavi Support (English)

(Optional)_Citavi 6 Manual How to convert citavi 6 projects to citavi 5?

(Optional) Download citavi 5 : Download | Citavi - Reference Management and Knowledge Organization (or you can google for citavi 5)

I am sorry to say this, but with current negative developments with citavi, it might be better to reconsider either reverting to citavi 5 as a more "traditional" desktop app or using zotero as an alternative especially with the new preview feature of reading pdfs and adding notes to them within zotero

Best wishes for you


Another suggestion is trying to post your problem in the new citavi community forum.

Forums - Citavi Community Forum (citavibyqsr.com)

I hope some official support team member still exists there and can help more.

Best wishes.

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