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Magdalena O. shared this question 14 months ago
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I am interested in the feature that detects duplicates by titles , i.e. feature that searches replicate references in an active project by title and then allows to merge those duplicates by title, so that the situation of duplicated sources would be eliminated in an active project, e.g.

I have in an active project with multiple duplicated references due to the use of browser add-in , when I was downloading to citavi references from multiple articles via the feature of downloading full bibliography, and some of them were read by citavi as separate works, even though they are the same source (same academic work, with same title, but they vary according to have or not-have DOI disclosed or some other details, like pagination, or online address or anything, and it's causing citavi to see it as two different works, while it is the same work, same title).

Is there a feature available to track down the same titles and then to merge them, detect duplicate titles automatically and then give a possibility to merge them, even by hand or automatically.

I have found this on github- but is it ok for Citavi 6? and has it gotten formal citavi approval or do you as citavi team have also developed a tool/feature with similar functionality?

Edit: How do I merge the duplicates?

Please, help.

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