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I've only got 28 days of a free trial. I was ALREADY charged US$100 for the "free" trial. That's a bit disappointing! I guess I'll get a refund if I cancel within the 30 days.

BUT! That's not my actual question.

So far, I'm REALLY happy with Citavi. BUT...there's one feature that's missing for me. Please help me understand if there's any workarounds.

Take for example this web page:

I've converted it into a PDF.

Now, reading the PDF, I've gotten to this line

Go to first list item Pos1

Seems like "Pos1" is what most folks in Germany call the "Home" key. Fair enough. Now, what I need to be able to do is to type some wee visible annotation onto the face of the PDF so that I can SEE that Pos1 = Home straightaway. Nothing to open. Nothing to click. Just text right there.

I know I can yellow highlight, and red highlight.

Red highlighting would add an interface / Knowledge Item. But, that's not really convenient. There's no "knowledge" there for me, actually. I just need to drive a little flag into the ground so that when I READ the PDF I can see a handwritten note / flag.

Is there any way we can type text onto PDFs, so that if I just want to see my writing next to the pages, I can add that?

Put another way, how can I get some visible text ONTO the page of a PDF that is not put away in some dialog box that I need to open?



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So, wrote to a German university. Their reply:


Seems less than ideal for a research tool - to be unable to write any notes on the document one could see?

For US$100 / year?

Hope there's a workaround I'm missing.




As you rightly write, it is a research tool, not a PDF editor.


An argument from definition? That begs the question - should tools for research include an ability to write on files? Further, Straw Man argument: is it true that Citavi offers yellow highlighting? And, red highlighting? Are those "edits"? I don't need to edit the content of the document, just make notes. See? Exaggerating an argument and then shooting down the newly presented weak argument ignoring the asked question. Straw Man. Fallacy of Relevance. Pity you didn't research that, right? Sooooo...wondering if there's a way to add visible comments on pages. Seems like you're saying there's not?

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