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davetingeuly84 shared this question 3 years ago

I have 200 Kindle titles & author, in a Excel spread sheet.

Don't know the ISBN.

  • Can I have Citavi search from the title & author? To get the ISBN number?

Anyone else worked in automating a problem, like this? (Trying to avoid 200 manual ISBN searches.)

PS. I prefer using ISBNsearch.org, for it's ISBN results. (in US) Using OCLC gives ISBNs, don't like them. The WorldCat.org page (for preview) seems more informative, than the OCLC once.

PSS. Found reference to (possible tool) "WorldCat Search API", if code something (JavaScript-related).

Please forgive the muddleness of my question. Ask, and I will answer.


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Dear Dave,

Thank you for your message.

You can import your structured references from your Excel file, please see our manual.

However, Citavi will not fetch the ISBN automatically, but only import the data already available.

For a formatted bibliography, Citavi can search for bibliographic data in the databases and libary catalogs of your choice.

Typically only 40% to 60% of the references can be found.

Kind regards,



Thank you, I appreciate a clear answer.

I wasn't missing something. I already have half the numbers done.

I consider this post answered. (New here.) Don't know. Do I mark it answered? Night.

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