Every edit makes word not responsive for 10 secs to a few minutes

Fabian v. shared this question 2 months ago
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Every edit I make to a reference, even switching between numbering type (even with no actual number in the reference) makes my word freeze for a significant time period from 10 seconds upwards to minutes. I'm looking for a way to fix this. Info and steps taken:

  1. The document is quite large, about 220 pages with about 1200 footnotes (which is the reason I don't want to do the citations manually).
  2. I have looked at the points provided at https://help.citavi.com/en/knowledge-base/article/word-is-reacting-slowly but these simply do not fix the issue.
  3. I have watched the demands being made of my hardware in the task manager whilst editing and the bottleneck does not seem to lay there (say normally about 3 percent and topping at 9 percent when making the edit)

Are there any further tips or advice that I can implement. I like Citavi in general but it is becoming quite unworkable at the moment :(.

I apologize if I have missed some obvious Q&A on this subject I could have implemented.

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try downgrading to 6.8

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try downgrading to 6.8


Thank you for your helpful response Pragmarius. I have tried a few edits and response time seems to be down to 3 to 4 seconds, which is workable. I will respond here again if it degrades.

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