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Hi, I have a big personal study project and I need to structure it in a very peculiar way.

My need is to build a master repository Citavi project, nurtured by an undetermined number of smaller Citavi "contributor" projects. Say, I study a collection of books in one of the smaller projects, and other collection of sources in another. Finally, I would be able to keep all of this references, altogether with their quotations, knowledge items, authors, etc., in just one single project, the master project.


For this, I need a macro that could be ran from the master project. The macro must perform the following actions:

  1. Empty the master project (remove all the references, knowledge items and any author, etc)
  2. Read the list of contributor projects from a csv file
  3. Import all the references, knowledge items, authors and any other element from all the contributors
  4. Ideally, the macro would be able to keep a log of the importation, maybe a file named with the date. This is a plus, and not a requirement.
  5. Ideally, the macro would be an executable external file, so its execution would be able to be scheduled. This is also a plus, and not a requirement.

I'm a C# developer and I would build the macro by myself, but I don't know the Citavy object model, so I'm looking for help on this. May you let me know how to do this?

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