citavi assistant for citavi web won't open any projects

Daniel C. shared this question 17 months ago
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Hi there,

I'm trying to get a colleague of mine onto citavi, and he's willing to give it a go (and pay for the subscription), but he wants to make sure that it works first.

He's using citavi web and has the assistant installed on office 365. When I open a new file and open the assistant, it asks me to login, which I do, and it loads the projects (he has 3). But then, if you click on any of the projects, nothing happens. We've tried two different internet connections to make sure that it's not a filtering issue. I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the add-on.

Any help?

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anyone going to answer this question? Citavi Web is unusable. I loved my Citavi 6 but regret so much that I wasted money on Citavi web because it does not work. It is a shame to see such a wonderful project go down the drain.


Totally agree. A great project that had great passion and joy in its usage and development. Now Even the desktop version is having issues in checking the license each time you open it..May be reverting back to citavi 5 is better now as the basic advantage of citavi 6 was its cloud component that no longer works as expected (or sometimes does not work at all!).

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