Insert the In-Text Citation of Knowledge Items Without Page Numbers

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I would like to insert in-text citations of knowledge items (summary, comments, etc.) without its page numbers.

Using 'Insert Advanced -> Citation Only' preserves the page number. I want to insert only the citation of reference knowledges because I am synthesizing several sources in my work, but I still want to know exactly where in the document each came from. I know that I can insert the citation only with no page number from the references, but I want to know where in the document the knowledge is from.

I read that I can create custom options in the 'Insert Advanced -> Format Option'.

Can anyone please show me how to create my own custom format option to insert knowledge in-text citations without page numbers please?

I am using APA 7th Style

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It seems like this is a temporary solution: Citavi 6 Word Add-In: Checking knowledge items (2.12) - YouTube

At 0:29 seconds, you can edit the page number after inserting the references. You have to go to the Citation tab of the Citavi Word Plug in.

Still, I wish we have an easier way to insert Knowledge items without page numbers.


Creating a custom style in Citavi is quite a procedure, but I'll do my best to go through the specifics in terms of what you ask. The section of Citavi's manual on creating custom styles is here, if you need it.

But, for your purposes, you'll need to do the following:

* Click on the Citation menu, then go to Citation Style, and click on Edit Citation Style.

* In the window that pops up, select the style you want to edit and click on the Edit button. If this is a preinstalled style, such as the APA style, you will probably get a warning about editing styles. Click on OK to proceed. Choose a name for your custom style and click OK.

* This is where it starts to get more complicated. I would recommend opening the link I provided at the beginning and clicking on 4. Order elements if you want more detail about what each part of the style editor does in this context, but see my screenshot for this specific example of what you're trying to do.

* The APA style that you're using seems to have some citation formatting options set for specific references types, while other reference types are linked to each other. For instance, the Book; Book, Edited; and Conference Proceedings in-text options inherit their citation formatting from the Unknown reference type. In those cases, you'll only need to edit the Unknown reference type and the changes will propagate across all reference types that inherit their style from Unknown.

* Click on the Unknown reference type in the style editor, then scroll down until you come to the Rule set: In-text citation section. For your purposes, I think the easiest way to change the formatting of your citations is to click on the formatting option that's called " , pp. Quotation Page Range" and then hit the delete key. You'll need to do this for each time that option appears in each of the reference types.

*Once you're done, close the citation style editor. Save the changes, if a prompt appears, and that should be done.

I wish that my instructions could be clearer, but editing citation styles in Citavi is a lengthy process. However, to make my custom style, I worked through the instructions on the help site a few times and managed to learn how the style manager works.

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