Insert the In-Text Citation of Knowledge Items Without Page Numbers

dqtran shared this question 3 months ago
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I would like to insert in-text citations of knowledge items (summary, comments, etc.) without its page numbers.

Using 'Insert Advanced -> Citation Only' preserves the page number. I want to insert only the citation of reference knowledges because I am synthesizing several sources in my work, but I still want to know exactly where in the document each came from. I know that I can insert the citation only with no page number from the references, but I want to know where in the document the knowledge is from.

I read that I can create custom options in the 'Insert Advanced -> Format Option'.

Can anyone please show me how to create my own custom format option to insert knowledge in-text citations without page numbers please?

I am using APA 7th Style

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It seems like this is a temporary solution: Citavi 6 Word Add-In: Checking knowledge items (2.12) - YouTube

At 0:29 seconds, you can edit the page number after inserting the references. You have to go to the Citation tab of the Citavi Word Plug in.

Still, I wish we have an easier way to insert Knowledge items without page numbers.

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