Error message: Due to your license you cannot open this project

Alejandra shared this question 20 months ago
Need Answer

So I updated Citavi to the Citavi 6.10 and then 6.10 (beta) and I cannot open my projects since:

"Your license does not allow you to open this project" When I click in the "Why" bottom, it takes me to the page that the project is "read only". Even with changing that, the error is the same. All of the projects were created by me and have less than 100 references.

I also created a new project with this version, which I receive an error.

I uninstalled/installed, I tried to open without log in as before, I tried everything without success.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!


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Thanks! Indeed it worked with installing the previous version.

Still it doesn't open the cloud projects. But at least I could get back the old projects.



I would check whether the e-mail address used for registration is correct.

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