Citavi 6.10 on Windows very slow

Yousef H. shared this question 20 months ago
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I am facing some issues with Citavi being slow when switching between references and even when switching between the different tabs in the overview panel. It takes anywhere from 2-5 seconds to switch between each reference.

I am trying to categorize my references and it's very frustrating having to wait so long for something as simple as displaying the abstract of a reference. None of the references have any PDFs linked to them.

I tried reinstalling the app but it didn't make a difference.

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You can try to install version 6.8. It would be worth a try. Uninstall Citavi (projects and styles remain if you uninstall it via App&Features) and install that:


I tried downgrading + restarting and it seems to have worked. I had already tried a restart with 6.10 but it didn't make a difference then so I'm wondering if there was something else going on. But at least I can now use Citavi normally. Once I'm done with my project, I will try to upgrade back to 6.10 and see if the same problem exists and update my post.

Thanks for your help.

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